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  • You can download (do not edit, built in checks will break everything like making sure file size same, ads are present, etc) this webpage (all JS, CSS and HTML are embedded into a single page) and use it offline like portable software (no install needed, put on USB thumb drive and take with you and even run on a system that blocks EXE/software like at your job), but it is just a simple web page using HTML5 for a web application (no security issues, usually you need a risky HTA, VBS, VBE, EXE, COM, SHS, PIF, WSH, etc type system scripted files for this type of interaction with PC that could lead to BIG trouble). In offline mode, the gzip and bzip2 packers will not work as they rely on my server for producing the codes for JavaScript unpacker for each, but really with bigger HTML pages or JavaScripts, the LZMA packer (here it is LZMA packer alone on with straight HTML to compression, no need to change eval to document.write) works the best and you still have over 20 other compressors that will still work. It will run on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, Windows XP/2008/Vista/7/8, Linux, Android, RaspBerryPi, mobile phones/tablets and many more operating systems that have a web browser with JavaScript. What other compression software has so many types and able to run on so many platforms? 7zip is 4MB installed and only works on Windows. Winzip is huge, older versions were average 5 to 6MB.
  • This webpage was 900 kilobytes (over 3/4 of a MB, almost a megabyte, 900 KB) before removing comments/reminders, removing unneeded whitespace, mangling useful longs names of functions to single forgetable characters, AST parsed minifing and compessing with bzip2. It is now 143KB and smaller than what server side gzip produced! It is even smaller than the included JavaScript functions just for the LZMA compression alone, even smaller than an old DOS version of ZLMA.exe (250KB it is and you cannot create any type of self extracting with it, blah)! I did have to come up with the World's smallest implementations of LZMA and other compressions to achieve this, other JavaScript LZMA compressors are half a MB, mine is 30KB compressed or 160KB uncompressed... If I really put my mind to it, I could make this page under 64KB for a demoscene contest, but it would be slow extracting and might even crash some web browsers, but 99KB wouldn't be too hard... Shoot, all my babbling has now made the page 144KB; I have so much more to tell you, but size matters! Later...